In which Christina Fishburne goes from zero to hero

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Smile When You Say That

For those of you who care (Mom):

Yes. I remain happily obsessed with Korean Drama.

Yes. I realize it’s very formulaic.

No. I don’t care.

Yes. I think the character development is brilliant and contains a depth and intense restrained truth severely lacking in American TV.

Yes. Battlestar Galactica is still amazing.

No. I could not choose between BSG and The Great Doctor/Faith.

Why do I love these stories so much?! Obviously, the men are not difficult for me to look at.  There’s that.  The formula seems to go something like: poor but spunky girl encounters rich and handsome jerk.  Both are initially irritated/enraged by each other. Guy comes to respect scrappy girl and falls for her.  Violence, tragedy, heartbreak, betrayal and/or soul switching (I know, right?!), and emotional confusion ensues. Girl realizes she loves guy. More complications arise which actually only serve in drawing guy and girl closer together…

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