The Bluebell Project (continued): In Which We End Where We Began

"Why are you crushing those flowers?" "I'm not crushing them--I'm pressing them. To try and preserve them." "Oh." (the "whatever, Mom" was implied) "They're bluebells! Like Uncle Charlie's album named after the Brontes' poems! Remember the four kids who had great imaginations like you guys and wrote--" "Can I play Minecraft now? I ate lunch."…

The Bluebell Project (continued) : Diary Papers 3 & 4

1997 When I went to college it was my family who did the leaving. I stayed in Alabama and they all moved to Virginia where my father would be priest at a new church. Jeans were still loose enough to be recognized as pants and email was not yet a bodily function as necessary as…

My newest collaboration with my brother, Charlie Rauh, will also include our other brother, Christopher. And yes. It’s going to be as epic as you’re imagining. via Charlie Rauh's The Bluebell--Review by John Freeman

Beyond Kate Bush: A New Wave of Brontë Inspired Music

Read on for a great review and a little preview of how the Rauh siblings worked together on Charlie’s new album! Thank you so much Bronte Babe!

Music and the Brontës?

I’ll be honest, when I think of the Brontës, music is not necessarily the thing that springs to my mind; tiny books, wild moors, strong heroines, anti-heroes, and even animal rights (thank you, Anne), but music, not really. What I love about the Brontës most of all though is their ability to continue to inspire people creatively and artistically in the two centuries that separate them from us. I adore their fiction, art, and their surviving correspondence. I also love to seek out fiction and literature inspired by our favourite literary family, from plays to novels to poetry and biography. I have a section dedicated to some of my discoveries on Brontë Babe Blog; please click here for my Brontë Inspired Literature page. Maybe because, besides my brief stints of playing the recorder and clarinet as a child, I’ve never had much to do with music…

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