Fight Manager

This is to be the last year of my 30s. Which doesn't really bother me. But I'm becoming more and more acutely aware that no matter how blithe my attitude toward fitness, how youthful my culinary choices ( #tatertots), or how in touch with fashion my In Style keeps me, the fact is: aging is... Continue Reading →


For K–She Who Shall Remain Nameless, Blameless, Priceless, Selfless and Unemployed in Greenland

Hello. It's 2 am. And here we are. Well, here you are. But I am with you in spirit, however unconscious my corporeal being. I've written you many notes over these months. Quite a few literary masterpieces too. The quality of said genius can only increase as the level of duress and/or panic rises. And... Continue Reading →

Dorian’s Palette

Made of failure, constructed of disappointment, she is set down before Beautiful with her empty bowl and her crushed being. Twisted and untruthful, plank-eyed and a great arm for stone throwing, she is brought to Beautiful and placed on her mat, given her bowl. Her portrait is a glossy masterpiece in Vermillion in Prussian Blue.... Continue Reading →

I’m not dead. Let’s have dinner.

With bread. And cake. All the cake. Quickly. Augustine Louis arrived with little incident! I got to wear an oxygen mask, which I'd rather not do again, and eventually got drugs, which was great. Still, it would have been nice to get help for the pain before the agony, which I hear-tell IS possible, just... Continue Reading →

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