Dorian’s Palette

Made of failure, constructed of disappointment, she is set down before Beautiful with her empty bowl and her crushed being. Twisted and untruthful, plank-eyed and a great arm for stone throwing, she is brought to Beautiful and placed on her mat, given her bowl. Her portrait is a glossy masterpiece in Vermillion in Prussian Blue.... Continue Reading →



From under the stones- in a flurry of sticks- the weapon bursts outward. The weapon is singing a song. The mission has a soundtrack. Lists, signposts, a return address: they mark the map I follow. I want to hold the weapon-- for protection for promise for prosperity. It seems to have new batteries though. The... Continue Reading →

A raft with a view

Set out from a perfectly adequate and comfortable place. A yellow place, A forgetful timeline full of helpful icons and decorative compasses. Goodbye. Ushered forth and dispatched forthwith. It appears: a blinding scorching place. An explosive place. Plummeting waterfall-- Fingertip trap for tracing-- Compass stamped with invisible ink-- Foreign. Hello. Where did I put that... Continue Reading →

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