This is not about the election.

They have to leave us. They try to do it strongly. We have to let them go. We try to do it gracefully. They have to go far away. We have to stay put. But it doesn't always happen fast. Sometimes it drags out over days. Days of waiting to leave. Days of knowing they... Continue Reading →


Mother Knows Best

(fanfare)  We are in our new house!  And after three weeks, we now have internet AND an official mailing address!  And you know what that means:  Not only do I have my things about me, but now I am at liberty to AQUIRE MORE. I have realized much about myself during these past few months... Continue Reading →

We Can Never Go Back

This is me.  Five years ago.  I had the best haircut of my life.  My favorite jewelry had not been stolen yet.  I was in excellent shape.  I lived in England.  I was learning French.  (That last one is a lie.  I had no intention of speaking French for the duration of my 4-day trip... Continue Reading →

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