We Put the ER in Peter Pan

It's Lent and we're all giving up stuff. Work, birthday parties, school, playgroups, more than one package of toilet paper in the cupboard at a time, confidence in our government, overseas visits from family anticipated with joy and excitement... There is a sudden deficiency where there was once abundance. And we don't like it. I... Continue Reading →

The Hoarse Whimperer

What do horses, Charlotte Bronte's Villette, and me trying to open a shattered glass door all have in common? Prepare yourself. It might get weird. We live down a disturbingly long farm road among fields and horse paddocks. My inner eight year old self is thrilled. Ambling along outside my van windows: Horses, copse of... Continue Reading →

As Shirley As You Live

I The rain had gone on for days. The underpass filled steadily with water until the villagers saw it as a sudden and inconvenient lake, and the chandelier outside my bedroom began its new incarnation as a Chinese water torture device. The sky was blue dark with winter early morning and the one weak streetlamp... Continue Reading →

Walking Invisible-ish

It feels like I've been here forever. But when I get all spun up about various inconveniences and listen to my tirades (never as effective as they are in my head) I am forced to realize: I've lived in England for only four and a half months. That's an avocado sized fetus. That's one third... Continue Reading →

Little Books and Other Small Things

Once upon a time, in Florida, my brother bought a little music box with two ceramic figures on it while composing an album of beautiful guitar pieces. Once upon in time, in Kansas, I was feeling adrift in my writing but felt an instant and overwhelming knowledge of the little music box people. Their backstory... Continue Reading →

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