In Which Christina Places an Order for the Silver Lining

Since last we, The Fishburnes have found a house! bought a car! secured a pay as you go phone! eaten our weights in room service meals! and been generally putting the "ate" in expatriate. The house we plan to live in is beautiful and more than I could (and did) ask for. I asked... Continue Reading →


On Time Travel and Mortification

I've lost six hours of my life. They're out there somewhere, like that earring I left behind in an adorable Weston Missouri cafe-- I know vaguely where they are but there is no chance of getting them back. My six hours are somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean and I like to think that there is... Continue Reading →

A Letter to My Favorite Jeans

Dear Pants, You will have noticed that your world is exceedingly dark these days. You will also have noticed that you have been relocated to a box in which your days will be exceedingly darker. Apologies. Let me explain. No. There is too much. Let me sum up... I was informed I'd be moving. I... Continue Reading →

We Put the “ER” in Sleepover

They'd planned it for weeks. The preparations were extensive. A double sleepover: 2 friends, 2 days, 2 nights. Bella was to turn 9 and I was to turn 107 by the end of it. We were about an hour into the happy chaos, everyone settled down before the TV with their hotdogs, and almost immediately... Continue Reading →

In Which Lazarus Goes Pet Shopping

Driving all together through the Kansan Frozen Tundra on a Friday afternoon: Bella: "Can we get a horse?" Me: "No." Bella: "Why?" All the reasons. Bella: "How about a cheetah?" Sam: "You wanna die? Get a cheetah as a pet." Auggie: "When we die, we will see Jesus!" Sam: "You wanna see Jesus super fast?... Continue Reading →


Saturday we decided to have a family day by going out to lunch at McDonald's and then Christmas money splurge shopping at Walmart. It seemed like a good plan. Until I returned home, as one crawling to shore, clutching their remaining tattered garments and taking inventory of appendages unscathed, after having survived a pirate attack... Continue Reading →

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